Please fill out the form below describing what you want on the denim (which artist, what song theme, which lyrics and how many lyrics you want on it, etc) so that I can respond with a better price estimate.


Here's an example of a denim description:

"A black denim jacket with Harry Styles based on his song "Sign of the Times". I have a few images chosen that I am contemplating between. I want the 6 lyrics, the song name and Harry's name. Please include any of your own symbols or ideas.

Lyrics: 1. Just stop your crying, it's the sign of the times. 2. We got to get away 3. You can't bribe the door on your way to the sky. 4. We never learn, we've been here before 5. We don't talk enough, we should open up, before it's all too much. 6. It'll be alright

*The form doesn't let you send an image so in a separate email please send it if you can. If not, no worries, we can discuss image after I reply!*


This is just an example of a message, please be creative! I try to make almost anything happen! If you aren't entirely sure what you want yet, just give a general idea and I can help you out! However, the picture will help me estimate the cost best so I will probably ask for that. Email me if you want to send your denim request and images through there.


After I respond and you want to continue with the order I will explain the custom denim process. It begins with a deposit (from the given price) in which the denim of your choosing will be purchased, and a sketch will be made and designed exactly how you want it. Jackets are a timely process, but it does depend on my schedule and the number of orders I currently have. I will provide updates throughout the process. After the jacket is finished, the remaining balance and shipping will be paid so I can get your denim sent to you ASAP!


*I will try to respond to your form as fast as possible. So please be patient with me if I am not responding right away.*



Thank you!

-Katia, xx